Embedded Software Development

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HSC offers embedded software development services for a variety of communication verticals such as wireless, wireline, telematics and more. Our embedded focus includes  hardware, booting, OS, infrastructure components and specialized application development.

Embedded focus areas

Skill Sets

HSC in-depth understanding of board based architecture, ability to propose reference hardware architecture and optimal software architecture based on specific hardware have benefited customers to build high performance, scalable and robust solutions. Our skillsets include:
  • Hardware
    • Form Factors - ATCA, MicroTCA , cPCI, PCIe, blade server architecture
    • Processors - MC68K family, PQUICC family, x86 Family, IXP family, AMC370x
    • Devices Drivers
      - Memory devices from Samsung, Intel, Motorola, Infineon, PMC, Atmel
      - Communications chipsets from Infineon, BCM 569x series, Motorola MPC CPM
      - Serial Interfaces : USB 2.0, SPI 4.2, SPI 3.0, I2C and CAN bus
    • Hardware Debugging tools : Windriver , AMCC and HP ICE, Logic analyzer
  • Booting : GRUB, RED BOOT, WRS and other custom Boot loaders
  • OS : VxWorks , pSoS, RT-Linux, OSE, MV Linux, Nucleus
  • Infrastructure : Shelf management, High Availability, Debugging infrastructure, multiboard/processor IPC

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